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Wood Grain Tile Cleaning

Wood grain tile is usually characterized by a slightly textured surface, similar to the authentic wood floor. The tile has an appearance that really looks natural. Though beautiful in appearance, but wood grain tile have several shortcomings. The shortcomings will be more apparent when the tile is compared to other tile types. One of the shortcomings is the tile’s textured surface, making dirt or dust easily trapped on it. If you use the tile in your home, then you will need to clean it regularly.

Wood Grain Tile Flooring

You should clean the wood grain tile regularly. If possible, this should be done every day. Wood grain tile can be installed not only on the floor but also on the walls. To clean the tile on the walls, you need to wipe it using a clean, dry or wet cloth. And use a clean damp cloth to mop wood grain tile on the floor. By cleaning the tile on a regular basis, then this will prevent any dirt or dust to accumulate on the textured surface.

Wood Grain Tile

If the wood grain tile is spilled with drink or food, then you have to clean it up immediately. Do not allow any spills to dry out as they will be difficult to clean. But remember that you need to clean the tile every day, not just when spilled. If you think that wiping the tile every day using wet cloth is inconvenient, then you can do simple cleaning. This is done by sweeping the tile every day by using a broom.

Wood Grain Tile Reviews

You still have to wipe or mop the wood grain tile with a damp cloth, at least once a week. If necessary, you can use a cleaning fluid when doing the mopping. Good cleaning fluid can remove dirt or dust on the tile’s surface more effectively. And do not forget to rinse the tile. By doing the mopping regularly, then the tile will always look new and fresh.

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