Tuesday , 29 July 2014

2 Bedroom House Plans for Small Family

People seem to be very busy with their lives nowadays. They then tend to have only one or two children for their house. By the occurring of a child in the house, people need more rooms, bedrooms for the kid. 2 bedroom house plans are very good plans to have small house for small family.  The number of the bedrooms is perfect for those who have one child. A modern family that dream about happy little family in a small modern house can be reached here.

2 Bedroom House Plans Blueprint

2 Bedroom House Plans Blueprint

First of all, to have 2 bedroom house plans you need to decide whether you will have just one floor or two floors of the house. One floor house is good enough for family that consists of three. You can have the bedroom for parents near the front door or living room and the bedroom for kid deeper near the family room or dining room. You need a toilet for guests or other people who come to visit you. For the kitchen and the dining room you can have no wall but put a curtain or bar instead. It is to make the room looks wider.2 Bedroom House Plans Front

2 Bedroom House Plans HouseWhen in your 2 bedroom house plans you want it to be a house consists of two floors, it is also a very good idea. You can have the master bedroom in the first floor and the bedroom for the child in the second floor. other rooms that you can have in the second floor is living room and library. It is better to keep the dining room and the kitchen in the first floor. And for the toilet for the gusts is in the first floor near the stair for the second floor. So people from both floors can easily connect to it.

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