Wednesday , 30 July 2014

Funny Funky Kitchen Accessories

Funky kitchen accessories are sure to bring a smile to your face while you are preparing dinner. They are cute as you will want to peel and extra carrot or make mash up another pot of potatoes. You will want to give them as gift. You get every one of these funky kitchen accessories for yourself. All these unique kitchen gadgets are as well as green in how they are made from recycled materials. They are very affordable. They will bring you creative ideas for home entertaining.

Grater Funky Kitchen Accessories

Marshall Green, potato masher is one of funky kitchen accessories. Marshall is potato masher with personality. His hair forms the potato mashing bars, while the bars have fine dot texture to help in mashing. His clothing forms a soft-grip handle. His friend is Gaby Green, cheese grater.  Gaby is definitely that cute and sure to be a fun way to grate that cheese for taco night. Be aware, though, that her grates don’t go all way around. What you see is what you get with Gaby. If you love pizza, get pepper green, pizza cutter. Pepper is a bit dizzy at time, but that never stops her from cutting the best slices of pizza.

Cutter Funky Kitchen Accessories Masher Funky Kitchen Accessories

Other funky kitchen accessories are Sud Green, dish brush. Sud is one cool dude. He doesn’t mind doing the dishes so cool in fact. He is a lot of fun, too, giving you smile while doing your wash. His friend Josie Green, the ice cream scoop is so elegant. Even when she has her face firstly dips into a quart of ice-cream. You will love dipping her again and again into that frozen confection with her beehive hairdo that forms the scoop and a soft grip handle forming her slinky dress. See, being in the kitchen is as funny as its accessories.

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